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Stephen Stelting, Olav Maasen. Applied Java Patterns

There is all in edition: history of appearance and elaboration of patterns, the catalogue, the description of methods. Generally, it is not bad guide, both for beginners and for experienced programmers.

Martin Gruber. Mastering SQL

Introduction into the programming of databases. On a cover is written by yellow letters "bestseller". Most likely, it is so: the book is written with humane language even for those who did not work with SQL.

Scott W. Ambler. Agile modeling: Effective practices for extreme programming

The helpful information. Reading, probably, the manager can have a good possibility to increase the team velocity.

Alistair Cockburn. Writing Effective Use Cases

Theory, practical examples, tips - all is to be able to formulate exactly the requirements for a developed product. I admit, the book is reading not easy.

Deepak Alur, John Crupi, Dan Malks. Core J2EE Patterns

Classical manual.

Gregor Hohpe, Bobby Wolf. Enterprise Integration Patterns

The book is supplied with practical examples and tips about distributed systems on the basis of message exchange. Who works with Microsoft Message Queuing, IBM WebSphere MQ, Java Message Service and etc., it is a sense to read it.

J. Hank Rainwater. Herding Cats: A Primer for Programmers Who Lead Programmers

The ironic text how to manage programmers, about that they are in generally. Something can be perceived seriously, since the experience prompts that everyone walks on its account.

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