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Tony Parsons. One for My Baby

I made a decision to draw back from the list given by my familiar and bought a novel of same writer - “One for My Baby”.

I must say that the text is soft and fluent. The book is read without serious emotional breakdown. There are such details, which are pleasant for me to remember.

I liked the lively and sincere description of London. This way, how all is really - without unnecessary decorations.

The central character of the novel listens to music of Frank Sinatra. It helps him, makes his feel emotionally; the happy memories are associated with it from childhood. I was honestly impressed making no secret of the fact that I didn’t know about such music previously and now I want to buy a couple of albums of this singer.

I don’t want to write intentionally about the story, because I was enjoyed by some details from the book.

Mikhail Barshevsky. Author

To tell the truth, in my opinion, the beginning is very strange, boring and not clear, but the reading is avidly somewhere after the fortieth page. Is it strange? More than…

I admit I waited the text “more hard” from Barshevsky. The information about this person has inspired to me that it will be something super intellectual. But, nevertheless, the book was read avidly. Surprisingly, but any page was not underlined, I do it usually. Here it is all perhaps. There is such strange (no bad and no good) feeling.

Amelie Nothomb. “Stupeur et Tremblements”

The novel describes the specific of a job in Japanese company. All what I knew about this was confirmed in principle.

The text was written by woman. I mean to say, she had a rough time. It is difficult, when you know Japanese, but you are commanded to forget it in order the European partners cannot think to the affect that a spy works in the company “Yumimoto”. They abase always indicating her European parentage slighting. Thereby all was finished that the person, which improved oneself very long time to get a job in Japanese company, took on a job to keep order in man’s and girl’s rooms.

I didn’t have the particular emotions after reading of this book. It is not quite my text.

Here is a phrase by Nitzsche that I marked out. The sense is next: all we are dreaming, all we are without exception, but the conditions of life are worse the our dreams are bright and clear.


Here is a list of good books, which was sent me by one of my acquaintance. I have now a minimum-plan relative to literature for the next three months.

- Evelyn Waugh “Vile Bodies”
- Grishkovets “Planka”
- Nikolay Nosov “Criminal philosophers”
- Tony Parsons “Man and Wife”
- Samuel Butler “The way of all Flesh”
- Margaret Atwood “Lady Oracle”
- Mil Millington “Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About”
- Palahniuk “Diary”
- Peter Greenaway “Gold”, “Gold teeth”
- Leonard Cohen “Beautiful losers”
- Philip K. Dick “Time Out of Joint”
- Frederic Beigbeder “Nouvelles sous Ecstasy”
- Sergey Bolmat “14 stories”
- Peter Ackroyd “London: The Biography”
- John Updike “Terrorist”
- Zadie Smith “White Teeth”
- Jonathan Franzen “The Corrections”
- John Seabrook “Nobrow: The culture of Marketing. The Marketing of culture”
- Christopher Moore “The Stupidest Angel”
- Toni Morrison “Love”
- Mikhail Barshevsky “Author”
- Amelie Nothomb “Stupeur et Tremblements”
- Benjamin Kunkel “Indecision”

It will be good to find all that for a start…

By the first September

I talked yesterday with a member of interesting occupation. The principle of his work is next: he forms the clothes of client, picks out the things from the new collection and creates the complete set for concrete person. Meanwhile, there are taken into consideration his wishes, size of clothes and shoes with character of figure. The most pleasant for the client is that he should not spend the huge amount of precious time to search the appropriate clothes. They brought all to home, suggested how to wear, put things in order. Great!

Here I see: the principle of person, who can form the libraries. He came: took to pieces the obstruction of books, made a card file, informed about novelty which it is necessary to read taking into account your professional activity and some. It is wonderful! It can be read on the beach this, before going to sleep – that. Such people can track the qualitative literature totally in all branches: metallurgy, ecology, art etc. For example, form the library in a cabinet of serious boss. Put best in a plain view in order all can see that he read and knows much. Great! Go on. It can even create the child home libraries, in order to impact the literature taste in our heirs. I think, it makes sense to become embedded in different educational organizations and even in kindergarten.

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