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Evgenu Grishkovets. Rubashka

It is a bestseller in former times. I chased in all bookshops for this edition. I read in one day, the novel has promoted for this. Really, the slightest desire doesn't arise to stretch this book for several days, especially for weeks. An easy syllable hooked, on my opinion. Actually, all ingenious looks simply enough. I think it is possible to read again at a leisure.

Andrey Kurkov. Nochnoj Molochnik

The plot is very interesting. The description of the Kiev cafes and restaurants, streets and houses was pleasant. When you read, it is imagined enough accurately where the action is occurs exactly. For example, the Borispol airport, Mariinsky park, the Kiev Central Departament Store, etc. The lifelike situations are described with humor and fairly. The especial taste is after the book which is difficult to describe by words. I scrolled in memory a long time the remarks of protagonists. Generally, it is a sense to read especially for residents of Kiev.

Valentin Pikul. Penal servitude

The historical novel, which action occurs on the island Sakhalin. An exciting plot at the expense of the detailed description of a prisoner's life and the beginning of the war with Japan. In my opinion, the images of protagonists were created so efficient and talented that feel sympathy for some sincerely and hate simply for another during reading and after too.

Richard Branson. Screw it, let's do it.

I think that everyone can take that he counts for itself necessary from this edition. The author describes vital launches and failing. He writes about creation of own business, about devoted and not so partners and certainly, about the favorite family. Pay attention to the "Sexuality" chapter. There is quite seriously described that the own business is necessary to organize so that it is wanted very much and very many, for example, colleagues, partners and even competitors. I consider that it is something here.

Falz-Fein. Ascania-Nova

The facts connected with creation of the reserve are stated in the book. And text is very interesting despite the abundance of scientific terms. After I have read this book, the desire was to visit a reserved zone. I was there some times and organized trips for friends from Germany. They were obviously touched by that fact that their compatriot Friedrich von Falz-Fein was a founder.

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